Arm school secretaries, not teachers

January 7, 2013 

People who own guns should keep them locked up. In my opinion, those who believe in a literal hell are less likely to kill others than people who don't believe in a literal hell.

An NRA spokesperson said that each school should have an armed guard but I don't believe the public should pay for this. There should be a violence tax on violent movies, games and TV shows to pay for this.

If this isn't possible, poor districts could train their school secretaries to shoot a handgun, which should be kept in a locked drawer. Each secretary could also be given a bulletproof vest with "school employee" printed on both sides. The secretaries could also be given bulletproof helmets with clear bulletproof visors. Then if a gunman starts shooting in room 7, room 8 or 6 could lock his/her door and call the office and say, "Gunman in room 7."

On a job application and when conducting interviews for the school secretary position, they can be notified of this extra duty. If the applicant doesn't want this extra duty, he/she can say so.

I like the saying: A good man with a gun can stop a bad man with a gun.



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