What's up at Claratina and Coffee?

January 3, 2013 

The Claratina-Coffee Road roundabout is a sore sight and, to say the least, confusing. It is confusing because when it was put up it was thought that there was going to be a more permanent structure put in, but when years passed and reconstruction started on it again there were rumors it might be made into a stoplight. Luckily, it stayed a roundabout but the road construction that plagued my morning commute every day had only produced a few patches of the roadway with new asphalt with the whole roundabout still lacking overall quality and appeal for the drivers using it.

So what is up with this part of Modesto? I'm sure they are working on it still and they have an overall plan, but when is it going to happen? And am I right about the structure-to-be in the middle of it? I'm just looking for some light to be shed on the subject.



Editor's note: We contacted Modesto officials with the question about the Claratina-Coffee intersection. The reply from the Community and Economic Development Departments: "The city is in the early design stage for the Claratina Avenue widening project between McHenry and Coffee, which will include the installation of a traffic signal at the Coffee-Claratina intersection. Final plan approval is expected in 2014 with construction in 2015."

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