The Modesto Bee photographers pick their favorite images of 2012

December 30, 2012 


‘It was really a surprise to have not one but two marriage proposals during the Stanislaus County Fair last summer. The social media event, complete with a singing, dancing flash mob, was great to witness as Mike Muncy got on one knee and asked Lorene Woodleif-Novoa for her hand in marriage. It was a great way to make a memorable first day at the fair.’

— Debbie Noda (July 13)


‘Stanislaus County deputies Andrew Winter and Tom Letras were ready as Dennis McPherson attempted to kick in the back door of an apartment unit during an eviction. Standing there with them, I felt the tension and anxiety of what we might encounter behind the door. Their reaction was a direct result of a horrific incident in spring, when a deputy and a locksmith were gunned down and a second deputy injured while attempting to evict a man in Modesto.’

— Ed Crisostomo (Aug. 23)


‘This year, I associated my favorite photos with how much fun I had when I shot them. This past year nothing compared to the blast I had at X-Fest watching the crowd go crazy for AC/DC tribute band Riff/Raff. I’m sure it is fueled by my childhood memories of driving around in my brother’s Plymouth listening to “Back in Black.” I love the energy in this photo, and the age difference between the two men shows that good, classic music is appreciated by all people even if they are generations apart.’

— Joan Barnett Lee (Aug. 4)


‘Besides being a visually inviting image, this photo for me sums up many of the problems that Modesto’s airport neighborhood has experienced over the past year, as well as provides an underlying connection to the land-use zoning that has kept this area of the county separate from the city. This vacant home off of Santa Cruz Avenue is in the county and was set afire multiple times — possibly by homeless or vandals — before finally being razed.

— Elias Funez (Oct. 7)

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