WorkWise BlogTip: Passing a phone interview doesn't mean you're in

culp@workwise.netDecember 23, 2012 


Can you just open your mouth and say anything when interviewing?

When Samuel Dyer was hiring in a pharmaceutical company, he interviewed candidates who’d passed a phoner ( They were applying for a position as medical science liaison, which typically requires one of three doctorates: PharmD, MD or PhD. All candidates brought substantial pharmaceutical experience. “Some of the opening lines are amazing,” Dyer says.

One of his favorites: “I am glad that you finally get to ‘meet’ me.” This self-centered, casual statement clashed mightily with the formal environment.

Consider the person who commented, Dyer reports: “I don't know the role exactly, but I feel I am perfect for it." (If you’re unfamiliar with a role, get familiar with it before you apply!)

Here’s a third stand-out: "Although I don't have direct experience in the role, I am a fast learner."

For Dyer, all three openers became closers. Each candidate self-destructed.

Passing a phoner doesn’t mean you’re in. The interviewer might not have been as attuned to the needs of the position as the hiring manager and probably isn’t as skilled. Don’t presume anything. A hiring manager isn’t a friend.

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