Modesto, police in this together

December 23, 2012 

Modesto Shot

(Brian Clark/ A man was shot to death inside this home in the 400 block of Boone Way in Modesto, according to the Modesto Police Department.


In response to "Modesto City Council considers raises for police" (Dec. 10): The Modesto Police Officers Association continues to be a full partner with the city as it struggles to regain its footing in these difficult times.

The contract for police services contains a 3 percent raise first approved four years ago, but not taken because the MPOA wanted to help the city meet its financial challenges. Everyone cooperated, and the raise was held in abeyance. In exchange for the city granting the raise now, the MPOA agreed to significantly increase the employee share of police pension costs.

No one likes to go through prolonged periods without raises and with increased costs. But city residents, employees and programs have dealt with that reality for several years.

Our association and the City Council have abided by a "we are in this problem together and must get out of it together" attitude. City residents are better off for this cooperation. It needs to continue as we face the realignment issues created by the state, which could put more persons who should remain behind bars on our streets.



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