Extend middle-class tax cut

December 20, 2012 

Jeff Denham has been re-elected. Now is his chance to show the bipartisanship he bragged about during his campaign by working for us not the Republican Party.

Keeping the tax cuts for the middle class is the one thing on which everyone should agree as the "fiscal cliff" approaches. The buying power of the middle class fuels our economy. While business needs the capital of the rich, without the buying power of the middle class, there is no profit. No matter how much money the wealthy have, there is no reason to invest without profit. Our fragile recovery needs that buying power. Extending the middle class tax cuts is the one thing being discussed that preserves that buying power.

Calling Denham's office you will hear he supports those tax cuts. The question is will he support a vote on just that issue or will he, along with his party, hold the middle class hostage as a power play to force an extension of the tax cuts for the wealthy. Call Denham and ask if he will support a vote on extending the middle class tax cuts independent of any other issues. His answer will show who he is working for.



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