Maybe biting dog was having a bad day

December 13, 2012 

JBL Bolt 1

JOAN BARNETT LEE/ Bolt the dog is pictured on Wednesday afternoon (12-05-12) at the Turlock Animal Shelter. His owner Daniel Mendonca is fighting to save his life after Bolt bit Daniel's former friend on the face.


I just think it is amazing how easily we can just assume a dog is dangerous. First, Bolt gave her puncture wounds. If that dog was attacking her, he would have shredded her face.

We have human beings out there that do worse to humans than any dog. All we do is slap their hand and eventually let them back out to do more. A dog can't speak up for himself. He can't tell you he is having a bad day or not to touch that area. Anyone who knows about dogs knows no direct eye contact. If he was so dangerous, he would be attacking anything and everything that was alive.

I think they are jumping the gun to put this dog down. People are worse than any animals, and we always give them another chance. Even if we didn't, we don't kill them. We just let them rot in jail. I say save the dog. It wasn't like this dog was going around and mauling people right and left. Dogs are allowed bad days, too. Save the dog!



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