WorkWise BlogTip: Avoid distractions during interviews

December 9, 2012 


Whether you’re interviewing by telephone or on Skype, be careful to follow the emerging protocol. For example, Paul Bailo recommends that the family parrot be nowhere in sight or sound ( “We had a client who failed to remove the bird from the room,” he reports.

“Every time the client finished answering a question, the parrot spoke up, saying, ‘Jo Ma-Ma.’”

A client on Skype appeared dressed for success until the camera rolled, showing the head of a massive six-foot yellow python staring right at it, “hissing and tasting the camera lens,” Bailo says. “The client indicated he was nervous and the snake made him feel calm. Hey, at least the snake matched his tie!”

Then there was the candidate who couldn’t stop hiccuping throughout her one-hour interview and apparently didn’t expect to. After walking in with her resume, water and smelling salts, she laid her brown paper bag on Bailo’s desk.

“She kept holding her breath between questions,” Bailo remarks.

A man at 40 arrived with lipstick marks scattered on his face. As if that weren’t enough, “the smack on his left cheek was a big red lipstick mark, as if someone had kissed him,” Bailo comments.

Paying attention, anyone?

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