GOP lawmakers are pledge prisoners

December 4, 2012 

It appears that 279 GOP lawmakers are puppets (prisoners) of someone named Grover Norquist. Since 1986, Norquist, who is the head of the Americans for Tax Reform, has coerced these GOP lawmakers into taking a pledge to oppose any tax increases.

He has indicated that he would turn on any GOP lawmaker who took his pledge and who tries to defy him. He has said on Fox News that a certain senator was only elected because he took the pledge and would not have been elected otherwise if he had not.

This senator said the only pledge he is required to keep is his oath of office. Is that not the primary duty of our elected officials?

Although I am not in favor of tax increases as a middle class American, I have often wondered how the trillions of dollars the Bush wars cost the American taxpayers would ever be paid for without some form of tax increase.

In addition, with someone like Norquist controlling the GOP lawmakers, it is no wonder they lost the presidential election. Thank you.



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