The All-Central California Conference football team

November 22, 2012 


All-Central California Conference

MVP -- Joe Marquez, Buhach Colony

Best Offensive Player -- Stefon Gold, Buhach Colony

Best Defensive Player -- Trevor Coleman, Atwater

Lineman of the Year -- Aaron Cochran, Buhach Colony

Coach of the Year -- Kevin Swartwood, Buhach Colony

First Team

OL -- Aaron Cochran

OL -- Justin Maxwell, Merced

OL -- Aaron Lusher, Pitman

OL -- Victor Garcia, Buhach Colony

OL -- Ivan Martinez, Atwater

OL -- Diego Camarolinga, Pitman

RB -- Stefon Gold, Buhach Colony

RB -- Leon Miles, Buhach Colony

RB -- Brent Nelle, Pitman

QB -- Joe Marquez, Buhach Colony

QB -- Eli Gutierrez, Merced

QB -- Sean Downs, Turlock

WR -- Andre Bodiker, Golden Valley

WR -- Bradley Adamson, Merced

TE -- Matt Parker, Atwater

K -- Shane Bell, Buhach Colony

DL -- Jamell Bedford, Merced

DL -- Eric Bejaran, Pitman

DL -- Armando Gauger, Atwater

DL -- Ray Rodriguez, Buhach Colony

DE/OLB -- Cory Maxwell, Atwater

DE/OLB -- Steve Strasser, Buhach Colony

ILB -- Trevor Coleman, Atwater

ILB -- Tyson Coffey, Buhach Colony

ILB -- Sam Scheidt, Merced

DB -- Joe Marquez, Buhach Colony

DB -- David Keys, Merced

DB -- Jayce Webster, Buhach Colony

DB -- Brandon Esquivel, Turlock

DB -- Brent Nelle, Pitman

P -- Trevante Richard, Merced

Second Team

OL -- Steven Brent, Merced

OL -- David Waites, Buhach Colony

OL -- T.J. Moore, Golden Valley

OL -- Emmanuel Rodriguez, Turlock

OL -- Ryan Murphy, Turlock

RB -- Rayshawn Vance, Golden Valley

RB -- Errol Dennis, Merced

WR -- David Keys, Merced

WR -- Brennan Hauser, Pitman

TE -- Felix Borruel, Buhach Colony

DL -- Phillip Pavey, Golden Valley

DE/OLB -- Anthony Munoz, Merced

ILB -- Dustin McCormick, Turlock

ILB -- Tony Romo, Atwater

DB -- Robbie Alvarez, Atwater

DB -- Errol Dennis, Merced

DB -- Dominic Olguin, Buhach Colony

DB -- Jeremy Busko, Merced

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