WorkWise BlogTip: A little preening never hurt anyone, correct?

culp@workwise.netNovember 18, 2012 


Chris Delaney ( has some imaginative strategies for landing jobs, beginning with two to capitalize on the fact that many employers will search you on Google.

Make your Facebook and LinkedIn pages represent you well. A little preening never hurt anyone, correct?

Next, flaunt your brains in blog articles. Access the power of social media. If your posts go viral, potential bosses might discover them.

Get the most out of a club membership. Follow your prospective employer if you have to, Delaney suggests, to find the best club. In a casual conversation there, mention what type of job you do well. Listen for the employer to marvel at the coincidence of his opening in that area!

“The James Bond Approach” Delaney uses tops it off but could backfire. If you are working and know your competition, follow the person around, camera in hand.

“As soon as the competition does something outrageous, disgusting or even illegal,” he says, “snap a picture and send an anonymous e-mail to the boss with it attached.”

Of course, if a person in IT traces the email, you might get an award for Photo of the Week as you’re whisked out the door.

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