Rules of the road ignored

November 14, 2012 

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(DARRYL BUSH/ - A stop sign is contrasted with the blue sky and clouds on La Loma Ave. in Modesto, Calif., on Monday, March 28, 2011.

DARRYL BUSH — Modesto Bee

I am not sure when it actually happened but what used to be a "California stop" has disappeared into a no stop! No one stops anymorefor stop signs, and we are lucky if they speed up while going though the red light at an intersection.

Parents drop their kids at school, then almost hit someone else going around a school bus with its red lights on. Driving in the wrong way of a shopping center to cut others off.

It amazing to see how many drivers feel the laws are not for them. The police also do this for whatever reason. The fact is it is unsafe and not getting better, so who do we talk to and how does it change? Maybe the only solution will be when cars drive us around and no one is at the wheel?



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