Women stood by their rights

November 13, 2012 

The ink in Kathleen Parker's pen played a major role in the president being re-elected, particularly by her exposing the Republican Party's mind-set in her March 11 column. That antagonized the huge voting bloc of American women.

These ladies give no quarter when second-class citizenship rears its ugly head, for they are extremely proud and honor bound not to detract from the sacrifices endured by their pioneer sisters in their struggle toward equality.

Today's women become easily riled when men introduce planks to their party's platform that infringe on their personal lives. Also they will not tolerate any ideologically crass and-or demeaning foolishness such as proposed by candidates Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock whose idiotic appraisals of pregnancies through "legitimate rape" and how it was as "God intended" in cases of incest and rape. Despite these incurred travesties, the icing was Mitt Romney saying that although he didn't agree with their statements, he still supported their runs for office, adding to his many storied inconsistencies.



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