Voters were afraid of change

November 13, 2012 

It looks like four more years of the same. Slow job growth; Obamacare in place; promotion of gay marriage and abortion; billions spent on green energy that does not work or is very expensive; blocking efforts to increase oil, coal, and natural gas production; and much more. However, it all makes sense.

Many Americans are afraid of real change. They recognized that Mitt Romney was really going to change things and they became fearful. To many Americans, it has become better to be mediocre and safe than to be bold and push for real change in our country. If Romney had been elected, Americans would have had to work hard to get what they wanted out of life instead of getting it from the government.

We have become soft and weak. We would rather have the government take care of us, like a 2-year-old baby, than to work and take care of ourselves. We have lost our rugged individualism and boldness and have become government-supported wimps. Being responsible for yourself and your family is now considered outdated. This is why a majority of Americans voted in mediocre President Barack Hussein Obama.



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