Better options than another Modesto shopping center

November 5, 2012 

JBL Sylvan Corner 3

JOAN BARNETT LEE / The southwest corner of Oakdale Road and Sylvan Avenue is pictured on Friday afternoon (08-03-12) in Modesto, Ca. The spot will go before the planning commission this coming Monday. It is rumored that it is being considered for a grocery store.


I totally agree with the letter writers (Oct. 29) objecting to a proposed shopping center on Sylvan Avenue and Oakdale Road.

There already is a closely located shopping center with varied selections of shops including two restaurants. Nearby homeowners aren't happy about another shopping center in their neighborhood which would mean increased traffic, noise, debris from cigarette butts and other trash.

Instead of a shopping center, why not consider a place where young people (ages 16-25) can go to have something to do such as dancing, pool tables or games? These events could be supervised by adult volunteers to keep order.

There are many empty stores which could be used which otherwise are open to vandalism and other unlawful activities. Wouldn't this be a better choice rather than another shopping center?



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