Raley's strike deadline closer

November 2, 2012 

— Raley's and its labor union held a second round of contract negotiations Friday, with time running out before a possible strike.

There was no word late Friday on whether any breakthroughs had been reached.

The West Sacramento grocer is facing the first walkout in its 77-year history. Raley's has vowed to unilaterally impose wage concessions and other terms of its "last and final" contract offer if there's no deal with the United Food and Commercial Workers union by midnight today.

The company is threatening to impose the contract terms because UFCW leaders haven't submitted the offer to members for a vote. Imposing those terms would almost certainly trigger a walkout by about 5,700 workers across Northern California, including two stores in Modesto and four others in the region

Raley's was going to impose the terms Thursday but postponed the deadline to tonight, agreeing to resume bargaining. Unless there's another contract extension, the strike could begin early Sunday. Raley's says it would keep as many stores open as possible.

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