Olsen should reject GOP tax rhetoric, too

November 1, 2012 

Add my kudos to Kristin Olsen, along with The Bee's, for rejecting Grover Norquist's no-tax pledge and recognizing her obligation is to her local constituents and not to the Washington, D.C., special interests, although I would have thought that was obvious when she first ran two years ago.

I also appreciate her recognition that critical thinking and pragmatism are needed by political leaders to solve our problems. Unfortunately, the standard Republican lower-taxes rhetoric following these observations showed she needs some growth in critical thinking before she can provide the political leadership we need in Sacramento.

Critical thinking requires us to look at facts and draw conclusions, not speak in ideological platitudes. To say that keeping taxes low creates jobs and a healthier business environment requires some evidence.

In looking at the tax burden ranking and comparing it with the GDP per capita and unemployment rates by state for 2010, I found no obvious correlation between having a lower tax burden and a higher GDP per capita and lower unemployment and vice versa.

Kristin, if you accept the importance of critical thinking, I ask that, unless you can provide the facts to support them, you reject the unfounded rhetoric of the Republican Party.



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