Mobley will truly represent us in Capitol

November 1, 2012 

I am a registered Democrat urging that you vote for Republican Jack Mobley for Assembly. I am a former primary candidate in this race. Jack's opponent will likely say that my support of Jack is sour grapes since I lost in the primary. True, I lost; sour grapes, not a chance.

This is not about party; it's about the person we deserve to have represent us in the 21st Assembly District.

Jack Mobley has been honest, forthright and true to his commitment to our community. His opponent has been misleading, vague and detached from us as he lived the life of a Capitol insider for the past 12 years before scampering home to run for office.

Jack and I differ on some political views, but I know that Jack Mobley has the character and the commitment to best serve us. His monetary support comes from the district, while his opponent's money is flooding in from Sacramento, Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

I want and deserve someone in Sacramento to represent me and my neighbors.



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