What Denham has laid on the line

November 1, 2012 

Thanks to local bipartisan support in 2008, then-State Senator Jeff Denham defeated a measure to recall him just because he would not vote for a state budget that would tax, borrow, spend and overregulate California into oblivion. Denham laid his public service aspirations on the line, and has since become a congressman.

All that Denham's opponent, Jose Hernandez, is laying on the line is empty rhetoric, while claiming that he's not a partisan politician. Hernandez's campaign is bankrolled by Nancy Pelosi, the American Federation of Teachers AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education, and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

Public unions aside, who is it that will take a special interest in the multiple millions of unemployed and underemployed, along with the 46 million citizens on food stamps and one-in-six impoverished?

Responsible representatives like Denham, that's who.

We need leaders who support business and jobs, not those such as Obama and Hernandez, who stand shovel-ready to bury them.


city councilman


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