WorkWise BlogTip: Bring a little self-respect, composure

culp@workwise.netOctober 28, 2012 


Job hunting conspires against rational human beings. Michael Pesochinsky advocates gaining perspective and keeping it (

If you haven’t left the nest, you’re particularly vulnerable to misperception. “Your mom may tuck you in every night and tell you that you are the most special person in the world,” Pesochinsky says, “but until you’re revealed to be the Second Coming, you’re just Joe or Joanna Schmo looking for a job.”

Bring in a little self-respect and composure. “Sounding desperate in an e-mail makes you look as if you just (got divorced or) broke up with your first girlfriend,” he quips.

He indicates that sad sacks might get a job but only if interviewers miss their withdrawn behavior.

When you land the interview, plan your way to it. Don’t rely on Mapquest. Ask the employer or receptionist for the best route. “Otherwise,” Pesochinsky comments, “you could end up at Mike’s Burrito Hut and we’re positive that’s not where you want to be if you’re applying for a marketing job, even if their burritos are amazing.”

Now, YOU go out and be amazing.

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