WorkWise Q&A: How can I advertise job opening at reasonable cost?

culp@workwise.netOctober 14, 2012 


Q: Mildred, I’m the president of an international chemical company in a major city. We specialize in the manufacture of truck-washing products.

I’m looking for someone to work this market. The job involves taking samples to prospective customers and steering them to our many online videos about our products. We are in a substantial growth phase and reel in 90 percent of those trying our samples.

However, I see that the fees for posting job openings in a newspaper are staggering and exorbitant. How can I get this job opening out there at a reasonable cost?


A: Dear Employer, Your Web site opens with Indiana and proceeds to a page from Texas, both of which don’t contain the city named in your email. That’s a major red flag to a job seeker who might think you’re scamming.

Target your advertising to the people you want to reach. Be selective about newspapers. Ask about zoned opportunities.

Also, be like job seekers. Maximize your network, beginning with current employees. Offer a bonus to the employee who recruits the winning applicant.

Meanwhile, multiply the amount you earn per hour by the amount of time you’d invest in recruiting. Doesn’t that put the cost of advertising into perspective?



Q: Dear Dr. Culp, I’m 63 and I want to retire. I’ve worked at this company for a long time and it’s not fun any more.

I’d like to do some part-time office work helping people after I leave. How good are my prospects?


A: Dear Planning, You’ll probably find it easier to find a job when you’re still working rather than after you retire. Remember that the word “retired” translates into “old” to most employers. That means your best chances would be in environments serving older people or the infirm.

If that sounds reasonable, start reviewing your accomplishments for your new resume. Emphasize support work from offices and the community, if relevant. Mention results from independent efforts and collaborative ones. Omit irrelevant information.

Create a list of everyone you know who might do you a favor. From that develop an “A” list of people who can refer you to the industry and type of environment you’re seeking. Renew your relationship with them; ask for referrals if they’re not in a position to hire you; and see where you land.

Scan ads in the paper and develop more contacts everywhere.


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