Hernandez's allegiance is to Mexico

October 13, 2012 

TLB Congress 2

TRACY BARBUTES / tbarbutes@modbee.com Congressional candidate, Jose Hernandez, is photographed in the Modesto Bee photo studio on September 12, 2012.


I had the opportunity to personally ask Jose Hernandez to clear up some quotes he has made in the past. He stated in those articles that he is "more Mexican than American" and "has room in his heart for two countries."

To my amazement he not only said this was accurate, he said that his heritage is more Mexican than American.

I am a combat veteran that served my country in Iraq. That is how I identified myself when I met him. After letting me know that he more serves a country that is not my own, he mockingly laughed and walked away from me.

This is a very scary candidate. He continues to lobby the Mexican government. He also sees America being more like Mexico. Have you seen the articles of people being hung from poles? I have lost many of brothers in combat that so beloved this country. They would turn in their graves if this unpatriotic man were to win a seat.



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