Mobley is a 'real' local

October 2, 2012 

Jack Mobley is the only local choice for Assembly. Adam Gray's latest attack ad against Mobley reeks of desperation and hypocrisy.

As a local businessman, Jack knows about balancing budgets and the price we all pay when Sacramento taxes and spends us into bankruptcy.

Will Adam have the guts to say no to Sacramento when better than 90 percent of his money comes from outside the district? Adam believes if he yells "I'm a local" loud enough, he can make it true.

But here is the real truth: Jack has received four times as much local support as Adam. From Merced to Modesto, Patterson to Los Banos and everywhere in between, Jack has galvanized this community.

We locals may not have as much money as Sacramento, but come November we'll see who has more votes!



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