Pray for new president

October 2, 2012 

It is appalling; I can't prevent falling off the chair each time President Obama opens his mouth. He blames 90 percent on others for failures in his watch. This came about in his "60 Minutes" interview.

Imagine he would blame his predecessors for deficits he alleges he inherited. Yet statistics reveal he caused deficits in excess of $1 trillion and spending of nearly $1.1 trillion while in office.

His financial advisers complain a lot on his predecessor's tax programs but they endorsed most of their policies anyway. One has only to conclude the stimulus he applied in 2009, to get the economy going, was a failure because it did not choose and stir the right programs capable of sustaining the required life for a viable economy.

I just wish the America I've dreamed of when I emigrated in 1988 would recover from this mess. I hope our politicians will set aside selfish greed and look for right solutions rather than pass the blame onto others. Let's pray to the Almighty he will help America!



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