Kids make great artists

October 2, 2012 

In response to Linda Sauls' "Let kids draw on their own" (Sept. 25, Letters): In 1962 when I was 10 I won the national "Cappy Dick" children's art contest sponsored by the Chicago Tribune. The contest required an original drawing (of Peter Pan), and that we copy the little girl in pigtails that was the logo of the Sunshine Bread Co., one of the Tribune's advertisers. The prize was a set of World Book Encyclopedias, delivered by a Tribune employee to our house.

When I opened the door, he bore such a grim, frowning expression that I ran to get my mother. He told us that he was disgusted because "no child could possibly have produced those drawings." Nor was he convinced until my mother showed him hundreds of my drawings, paintings and sculpture.

Bottom line: All normal human beings can draw. Children freely draw until petty-minded, judgmental adults who are convinced that they themselves cannot draw, bludgeon children into believing it, too.

The Bee's children's page is nonjudgmental and encourages creativity. No one should ever decide, simply because a drawing is skillfully made, that a child could not have done it!



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