The wealthy give and get a return

September 18, 2012 

In Guatemala and other countries, the very wealthy give large sums to one political party that seems to win elections all too frequently. That party, in turn, assures passage of laws and regulations that allow the rich to become richer. In Guatemala, it is called political corruption.

In the United States, most of the very wealthy give nontransparent large sums to one political party; that party, in turn, assures passage of laws and regulations that allow the wealthy to become even richer.

"Free trade" legislation, corporate welfare, favorable tax breaks, deregulation, legalized oligopoly (shared monopoly), privatization, outsourcing jobs, organized misinformation, attacks on wages, pensions, Social Security and Medicare, and total political control are a part of the package. All of this is resulting in the destruction of the middle class.

In the United States, this is called fiscal conservatism.


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