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culp@workwise.netJuly 29, 2012 


Tami Cannizzaro ( maintains that job hunting involves frenetic activity, then stasis. Suddenly, a telephone ring punctures the air.

She recognizes the voice of a friend and former colleague, one with a prize, an all-too-precious job lead. She doesn’t write it down. A hiring manager will call Monday. Cannizzaro researches the company online and prepares answers to possible questions.

When Monday rolls around, she puts the finishing touches on her research. The phone rings and the interview goes smoothly. When asked about a crisis plan, she mentions that a factory in India might suggest “a global crisis and we would need to consider many factors.”

The hiring manager asks, “What on earth are you talking about?”

Ahhh. One letter mistyped into the computer had sabotaged the lead.

“At this point I just want the earth to open and swallow me, or at least for the AT&T phone network to suddenly go down across the country,” Cannizzarro continues. “My face is ten shades of red and I’m so glad we’re not on Skype.”

Apologies don’t save the interview. The hiring manager promises another because of the referral source, then hangs up.

The friend forgave her. The person with a job to fill forgot her.

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