Robbers take tools, necklace

July 19, 2012 

I wanted to tell you what made me sad. In Denair, there was a robbery that took place at my dad's house. Two big guys broke into my dad's girlfriend's car. They stole important things to us. For example: They stole my dad's bag of tools, so now he can't put me and my sister's bed together, so all we can sleep on is a mattress on the floor. We are very tight on money so we can't afford new tools.

Also, those mean men stole something very precious to my dad's girlfriend, a heart necklace. It was very important because it had her mom's ashes in it and she died of cancer. So I decided to go out and buy her a heart necklace that looks pretty much the same. That way it will be like those robbers didn't even take it.

So if someone sells you or someone you know a silver necklace with a heart at the end or a medium-sized black and red bag with tools in it, please contact The Modesto Bee.

Thank you.



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