'Who is policing the police?'

December 15, 2011 

After reading the headlines about the Merced police shooting three kids and killing Vang Thao, I have to ask: Who is policing the police?

Just this week I'm hearing about an officer- involved shooting in Fresno, and in Stanislaus County a former deputy is on trial after shooting and killing someone.

Last summer I lost my best friend, who was awaiting his day in court after spending two years in jail in Merced County. Ronnie would not agree to a plea bargain. He had been wrongly charged with attempted murder on two peace officers who were trying to kill him, not the other way around. When he could finally afford a forensics expert to investigate the crime scene, it proved his innocence, but he died in jail due to lack of medical care weeks before his trial was to begin.

Police stick together when it comes to protecting their own. Police are only human and should be given room to make mistakes and then own them, instead of putting innocent people in jail.

My father was a law enforcement officer, so I know the job is not easy. But I am concerned about officers using guns against unarmed civilians.


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