Believe the only eyewitness: God

December 15, 2011 

In response to the letter by a Ceres student: Why are public schools teaching such garbage that shakes the religious faith of school children? That is not their role!

What happened to reading, writing and arithmetic? When the English teacher taught about "Lilith," did they fail to mention that Lilith is a character in Jewish mythology, found earliest in the Babylonian Talmud? There is nothing biblical about this evil character and no new truth that should ever shake anyone's faith. That would be like letting Greek mythology form my religion. Nonsense!

And regarding this multiverse theory or meta-universe, as it is sometimes referred, it is just that — a theory. Read Genesis 1. This is the account of creation given by the only one who was there — God. Were you there? I think not. So then, believe the account of the one who was, not man-made theories.


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