Gift to everyone: Support library tax

December 7, 2011 

A gentle and friendly reminder for all of you who spent Black Friday purchasing gifts for your children, nieces and nephews: Black Friday is vital to our economy in many ways — retailers, small stores, restaurants, etc. You as a consumer keep our economy going.

In June, citizens will be asked to keep our libraries open. Citizens will be asked to vote for the extension of the eighth-cent sales tax that was approved by voters in 1994. This is not a new tax. The cost to the average household would be about $20 a year, or about $1.66 a month, the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Why is the extension of this tax of vital importance? Eighty-seven percent of the Turlock library's funding comes from this eighth-cent sales tax. When you are at the local Wal-Mart or Target doing your Christmas shopping, please pause for a second and remind yourself how important the library is to our community and especially our children. Consider how devastating it would be if we had no library or if our library was open only 19 hours a week. Our children deserve a well-stocked library. What could be a better Christmas gift?


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