Put children first

September 27, 2011 

I read your editorial on poverty (Sept. 19) and I agree totally that the blessed have a responsibility to the poor. My family does honor this responsibility.

But the poor also have a responsibility. If you cannot afford to support the children you have, please don't have another child. The poor also have a responsibility to their children. They need to be loved and cared for — don't just abandon them to society. This means attending school meetings and helping the children with their school work — not ignoring their homework. This means all of school, kindergarten to 12th grade minimum. This means emphasizing school as important. This means to teach them values — right and wrong. It means having a drug-free home — and preferably a alcohol-free home. This means many things, but mainly it means putting your children first and setting a good example.

To those of you that honor this responsibility, I appreciate you and thank you. To those of you who don't, please change.


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