East Stanislaus County probation sweep nets 12 arrests

June 3, 2010 

Officials from eight local, state and federal law enforcement agencies arrested 12 people Wednesday during a probation and parole sweep in northeast Stanislaus County.

The officials conducted 63 searches in Riverbank, Waterford, Oakdale and the unincorporated area around those towns, said deputy Andrew Winter, a Stanislaus County sheriff’s spokesman.

Winter said the operation’s goal was to contact as many probationers and parolees as possible to make sure they are complying with the terms of their release from jail or prison.

Three parolees were arrested on suspicion of possession of narcotics. Eight probationers were arrested on suspicion of violations that ranged from failing to allow a search to possession of methamphetamine.

One of the arrests included Michael Woody, 33, of Waterford, who was arrested on suspicion of possessing two firearms and methamphetamine.

Winter said there are approximately 6,800 adults and 900 juveniles currently on formal probation in Stanislaus County.

Sheriff’s Detective Mark Copeland and Deputy Probation Officer Nil Saing spearheaded the operation out of the Riverbank police office.

“It’s obvious that this operation could not have been conducted by any one agency,” Copeland said. “When we work together we show the criminals out there that we take crime seriously, and if you violate the terms of your probation, you will be violated.”

Here are those that were arrested, along with their chrages, according to the sheriff's department: • Avi Gorzier, 30, Riverbank — Warrant arrest

• Heather Murrah, 18, Riverbank — Resisting arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia

• Juan Hernandez, 34, Riverbank — Felon in possession of ammo, parole violation

• Augustine Leal, 36, Oakdale — Parole violation

• Tiffney Sumter, 37, Turlock — Possession of methamphetamine

• Randi Tyler, 18, Waterford — Possession of methamphetamine for sales

• Henry Telles, Jr, 24, Waterford — Possession of methamphetamine for sales

• Robert Cole, 50, Waterford — Probation violation

• Jesus Arreguin, 30, Waterford — Warrant arrest

• Michael Woody, 33, Waterford — Felon in possession of a firearm, possession of meth, parole violation • Brown, Edward, 37, Waterford — Possession of methamphetamine, probation violation.

• Unidentified Juvenile, 17, Riverbank — Juvenile probation warrant

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