Palin will make money for CSUS

April 15, 2010 

I am a bit surprised by all of the hype over the Sarah Palin visit to CSUS. This is a fund-raising event that will actually make money. At a time when budgets are limited and students are being hit with fee increases, people will begrudge an institution for wanting to make a little money.

In the mid-1990s, Stanislaus invited Colin Powell and Bill Cosby to speak. I believe they earned similar fees. Then there was the recent visit to UC Merced by Michelle Obama. Where was the outrage and concern over those costs?

Let's be honest, this is not about a $100,000 speaking fee. This is totally political on two fronts. First, there are those that do not want Palin to come to CSUS, even if it were free. Second, there are those in the government, community and the news services that would love to get at university foundation records. The second group are using the media hype as leverage to address the policy of closed university foundation books, not just at CSU Stanislaus but all CSU and UC campuses.

Stop beating up on CSU Stanislaus and call this what it is — political rhetoric.

former budget officer, CSUS

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