Savings Tip (Dec. 14): For the birds

December 14, 2009 

JBL Seasons Savings

JOAN BARNETT LEE / For Seasons Savings feature. A tea cup bird feeder for $9.00 that can be purchased at Unique Boutiques in Modesto.


You don't have to leave the area or break the bank to find great holiday gifts. Local shops offer a variety of ideas for less than $20.

• Name of the store: Unique Boutiques

• Item: Tea cup bird feeder

• Price: $9

• Description: A tea cup and saucer attached to a wooden spike that goes into the ground. The cup is filled with bird seed.

• This is a perfect gift for: Gardeners, nature lovers and birds

• About the store: Unique Boutiques is a store made up of 35 local vendors that sell their products on consignment. The store has a full dog boutique and hand-made speciality items, such as handbags, jewelry, small furniture, trunks, glassware and things for children.

• Pertinent info: Most of the items in the store are made by local artists. 1016 McHenry Ave., Modesto, 523-3000

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