Savings Tip (Dec. 3): Right On Target

December 2, 2009 

JBL Season Savings 2

Barnwood Arms Co. in Ripon has a gun cleaning kit available for $19.99 through the holidays. Pictured on Tuesday morning (12-1-09). For Season Savings.


You don't have to leave the area or break the bank to find great holiday gifts. Local shops offer a variety of ideas for less than $20.

Name of the store: Barnwood Arms

Item: DAC universal gun-cleaning kit

Price: $19.99

Description: People who use guns know they don't work properly unless they're clean. This kit, which normally sells for $29.99, includes everything needed to clean guns.

This is a perfect gift for: Anyone who uses a handgun, long gun or shotgun

About the store: Barnwood Arms is a retailer of guns and accessories. The store also features a gun range.

Pertinent info: 120 E. Main St., Ripon, 599-4651

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