Bargain Hunter: Lunch deal won't torpedo budget

March 23, 2009 

The supermarket wars are raging, and so, it seems, are the sandwich wars. By now, most folks have tapped into Subway's $5 foot-long sub deal because, well, it's a deal.

Quiznos tries to grab a piece of the cheap meal pie with its Toasty Torpedo. An ad in Sunday's Bee touted the 13-inch sandwiches for $4.

Before you get too excited that Quiznos is serving a lot more for less, know that the Torpedo comes packed in skinny ciabatta bread vs. the usual sub-size rolls. Think a mini baguette. But it's filling and, for $4, still a great price.

Only certain sandwiches are in the deal: turkey club, pesto turkey, beef, bacon and cheddar, Italian and Big Kahuna tuna.

Sunday's ad also offered coupons, including one for a free Toasty Torpedo with the purchase of a Torpedo combo (sandwich, drink and chips or a cookie).

Grab the coupon, join a pal and split the cost for a cheap lunch (you can fight over the chips and soda or pay extra for more). Or, make it sandwich night for dinner and share a single drink and the chips with your spouse (sodas are self-serve, so dine in and refill).

From readers: An e-mail alerts folks to a deal going on this month at the Hope Chest thrift stores. All used clothing items are priced at just $1.99 (new items, with pink or orange tags, are higher) through March 31.

A great and noble side benefit from shopping at the Hope Chest -- 1241 McHenry Ave., 3848 McHenry and 1604 Yosemite Boulevard in Modesto, 1791 Mitchell Road, Ceres and 1129 W. 11th St., Tracy -- is that the nonprofit stores help fund Community Hospice.

-- Pat Clark

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