Artist Profile: Sandy Lynn

February 20, 2009 

Sandy Lynn

Sandy Lynn, Modesto artist and costume designer

UNKNOWN — Unknown

Sandy Lynn

Media: Pastels, watercolors, costume design

Age: 50

Residence: Modesto

Daily job: Live-in caregiver for my father

Family: I am divorced and have one son, who is 28 years old. He recently got married to a woman I adore, which has made me an instant grandma to a beautiful 6-year-old girl. He is in the Navy and has been doing submarine duty for nine years. I am the middle of three daughters and I currently live with my 90-year-old father.

Background: I grew up in Woodland Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles, and lived there until I was 21. I started working as a technical illustrator trainee when I was 19.

At 21, I moved to Ventura to do antique restoration with my mom and stepdad. After my son was born, I went back to doing illustration. My husband and I moved around a lot and eventually made it to the Modesto area. I worked at Lawrence Livermore National Lab as a tech illustrator specialist and was doing airbrush renderings and learned to use the computer.

While there, they sent me to some art classes at Modesto Junior College; figure drawing and watercolor, and various workshops in the Bay area, including a weeklong computer animation class in San Francisco.

I worked there until 1999, when I moved to Coulterville for a change of pace. During that time, I did very little art. I only recently started to paint again and I now take part in the Third Thursday Art Walk. I belly danced for a couple of years and found I loved making the costumes as much as I did dancing.

I recently joined the Saint Andrews Guild to further promote my costuming. We re-enact the court of Mary Queen of Scots in the year 1562.

Arts experience: Since I was a child, I have always done something creative, but I have very little formal training. I was never really encouraged to be an artist, but it is something I needed. Whether it's painting, leaded glass, ceramics or fabric, I need to create. I love learning, so it's hard for me to stick with any one thing.

Advice for young performers/artists: If you love it, do it. If you need it, do it. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If it comes from the heart, no one can stop you.

Favorite music/art/performance: Tempest: Celtic rock, Calaveras Celtic Faire, Celtic knot work. My second choice for music would be blues of any kind.

Life plans: To be self-sufficient and promote myself as an artist. How do you reach people unfamiliar with the arts? Do demos at festivals. What would surprise people about your art? Not sure.

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