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A passion for persimmons

January 28, 2009 

I'm looking for persimmon recipes. Can someone help?

— Margot Patrick, Sacramento

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Let's see, flour and 7UP: Many years ago I had a recipe for 7UP cake. All I remember is that the recipe called for a special flour, I think it was called Soft as Silk. It was the best cake ever and I would love to find the recipe again. Thanks.

— Sharon Issertell, Roseville

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Tower's Thai wings: I think the Thai wings appetizer served at Tower Cafe in Sacramento is deliciously wonderful! They have a hint of heat, but not too much for those of us who prefer our spices mild. I was disappointed when a server told me these chicken wings are served only after 6 p.m., as I'd really like to have them with steamed rice for lunch once in a while.

Does anyone have this recipe or one similar? There are many recipes for Thai wings on the Internet, but I can't tell which would be most like Tower's. Thanks.

— Kathy Pfefferkorn, Sacramento

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