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Wassup with Wasa recipes?

July 30, 2008 

I really like Wasa crackers, either sourdough or oat. I would like to make them myself. Any ideas? I have looked for a yeast cracker recipe like Wasa but have not found anything. Thank you.

— Kathleen Ammerman, Carmichael

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• Can't find banana cake recipe: Help. I have lost my recipe box with the family recipe for the traditional banana cake Easter dessert. It was first printed way back when in The Fresno Bee. We have had it every Easter. I know it had either sour milk or yogurt and bananas. It makes two layers or one flat cake. I hope someone has it. Thank you.

— Lucy Banfield, Grass Valley

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• Is there a glaze that's not sticky?: I am looking for a recipe for a thin, transparent glaze for cookies, specifically chocolate chip cookies, that won't stick to your fingers.

— Frasia Southworth, Roseville

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• Mexican delights, si: Los Altos Mexican Dining & Cantina in Truckee has the best enchilada sauce (red) I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Its cheese-and-onion enchiladas are the best. I would love to have its recipes (or ones similar) for the sauce and enchiladas.

Also, there used to be a Mexican restaurant in Stockton called Carmen's. It made the best guacamole top-pa-ties. They were made with a fried corn tortilla with a guacamole sauce on the tortilla and a salad on the top. Does anyone have this recipe?

— Joan Sisler, Sacramento

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• Molasses popcorn balls: My parents lost a family recipe years ago for popcorn balls that included cooked molasses. We grew up making these as a family during the holidays. Does someone have a similar recipe? Thanks.

— Jill Ericksen, Plumas Lake

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• Oatmeal-granola cookie bars: Some years back, The Bee ran a recipe for oatmeal-granola cookie bars. Does anyone have this recipe?

— Devannie Carey, Sunnyvale

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